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Access to a global community of blockchain enthusiasts  

✅ Online discussions about AI, NFTs, trading, top coins, and more...

Opportunities to share your project

✅ Get feedback, mentorship, investors, and co-founders


✅ Courses, course certificates, guides, videos, tools and resources

 Airdrop alerts  and job listings

 Live AMAs with industry experts

 Bitcoin & basics, crypto taxes, investing, NFTs, DeFi, and more

 Promo codes and free flights to conferences like Consensus, Mainnet, and ETHDenver

Market Analysis

 Exclusive insights from industry experts

✅ Deep dive analysis on specific projects

In-depth reports on the latest trends and tokens


As a BEN member, you unlock:

  1. Unravel Complexities: With our simplified, jargon-free content, the intricate world of crypto becomes as easy as ABC. Don't miss your chance to decode crypto!

  2. Lifetime Learning: Our resources provide endless learning opportunities. Stay in the loop and never miss an industry update or trend.

  3. Guidance from subject-matter experts: Our team of subject-matter experts is your personal crypto guide, ready to answer questions and provide in-depth insights.

  4. Insider Analysis: We offer deep-dive analyses of coins and crypto projects. Stay ahead of the curve and invest with confidence.

  5. Real-Time Crypto Pulse: Get the latest news, trends, and insights from the crypto world at your fingertips. Never be the last to know!

  6. Member-Only Perks: Enjoy exclusive benefits such as promo codes and free flights to top-tier conferences. These perks are for members only - don't miss out!

  7. Crypto Events Calendar: Get insider access to a global calendar of thrilling crypto events. Stay connected with the heartbeat of the crypto community.

  8. Lucrative Job Listings: Explore high-paying job opportunities in the rapidly expanding crypto sector. Your dream job might be a click away!

  9. Secure Investment Future: With BEN, learn how to make informed, successful long-term crypto investments. Secure your financial future now!

  10. Vibrant Community: Be a part of our supportive and engaged community that learns and grows together. Don't learn alone when you can learn with us!

  11. Engaging Courses: Participate in interactive courses that make learning crypto fun and easy. Make learning an enjoyable adventure!

  12. Practical Tools at Disposal: Access practical tools and resources designed to boost your crypto understanding and application. Equip yourself with the best!

  13. Insights from Industry Leaders: Benefit from the wisdom of industry experts and thought leaders. Stand on the shoulders of giants and see further!

  14. Network Expansion: Connect with like-minded individuals and crypto experts. Expand your network and unlock endless opportunities.

  15. Personal and Professional Growth: Grow personally and professionally in the crypto field. Leap forward in your career with BEN!

    With BEN, you're not just investing in crypto; you're investing in your crypto education and success.

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